Engagement Survey

The ZE™ (Zone of Engagement) approach is an empirically validated methodology that focuses on safety to boost engagement and productivity. The program can be delivered as a series of training modules and/or as an overall cultural fit assessment. Feedback from frontline participants in a recent training intervention suggested the concepts are easy to understand and apply. 

63% felt that the ZE program made the site safer and 88% indicated they use knowledge learnt from the course in their day to day work and would recommend the program to other workers. 

The training teaches participants how to appreciate the benefits that come from workplace pods that use ZE concepts. A special synergy is created within work crews when the ZE language is integrated into everyday workplace thinking. One of the key elements of the program is that it provides tangible strategies to help staff and supervisors understand the components of a more engaged and safer workplace. The upshot of the program is higher morale on site.

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